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Asbestos Rock

Asbestos is a naturally occurring family of minerals formed by combinations of magnesium and silicon. These minerals take the form of hollow, microscopic fibers which are nearly indestructible and can be densely packed-making a tough, flexible, and very useful material.

For years asbestos was known as the "material of a thousand uses." It was used for insulation, fireproofing and soundproofing in offices, homes and theaters around the country, as well as a host of other applications including flooring, wall, and ceiling systems. 

  • Building Inspections 
  • Demolition Surveys
  • Hazard Assessments
  • Management Plans
  • AHERA Services
  • Project Design
  • Contract Administration
  • Project and Air Monitoring
  • Air Clearance Testing
  • Operation & Maintenance Plans
  • Regulatory Consulting
  • Employee/Contractor Training

We locate, categorize, quantify, and evaluate the condition of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) for both commercial and residential properties. Each client receives an inspection report, which specifies the location, type, quantity, and condition of any ACM discovered. Also included in our inspection reports are a summary of our review of available building records such as plans, drawings, and previous specifications; results of laboratory analysis of bulk and air samples; estimates of cost of removal or repair; and recommended actions to definitively resolve your asbestos problem.

Demolition survey

Prior to demolition of a building, it is required that a complete survey of the building, or portion being demolished, be performed by the owner to determine is there are any asbestos-containing materials present. These materials must be identified, quantified, and removed prior to demolition activities. SEA is qualified to provide this service and can help its clients remain in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Hazard Assessment

The inspection report includes a hazard assessment, which presents our evaluation of the degree of hazard to human health and safety posed by asbestos at your facility.

Management Plan

SEA can develop a management plan to help an employer/property owner properly manage ACM within their facility without the expense of complete abatement. Through proper planning and education, ACM can be dealt with in a safe and cost effective manner.

AHERA Services

We enable public and private schools to comply with the requirements of the AHERA Act of 1986 and subsequent regulations by performing 3-year re-inspections as well as 6-month periodic surveillance’s.

Project Design

Based on the type, quantity, and condition of asbestos at your facility, our project designers develop the best course of action to remediate the problem. The key elements of a project design include: priorities for abatement; cost estimates (including replacement costs); photographic records of the condition of ACM; project drawings, blueprints, and specifications; bid documents for contractor selection; establishing a project schedule; and recommending the most cost-effective solutions.

Contract Administration

SEA’s experience and understanding of construction management and abatement procedures allows us to manage an abatement project from contract letting to final punch list clearance. SEA has the knowledge and ability to control an abatement project to insure that it is completed within industry standards and without unnecessary delays and added costs.

Project Monitoring

SEA professionals monitor all aspects of project activities to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and project specifications. We collect and analyze air samples to ensure that the health and safety of workers and building occupants are not jeopardized during project activities.

Air Clearance Testing

At the conclusion of abatement, SEA industrial hygienists collect and analyze air samples to ensure that airborne fiber levels are within the regulated limits for re-occupancy. This is preceded by visual inspection, which eliminates the need for costly re-testing to achieved prescribed air clearance levels.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Plans

When it is possible to leave asbestos safely in place (often the least costly remediation option), we develop and train your employees in how to implement an O&M Plan. This details the steps required to keep ACM from deteriorating, as well as the precautions workers must take to ensure their safety and health while working around ACM. We have developed O&M Plans for such diverse facilities as office buildings, hospitals, apartment buildings, schools, and industrial and commercial facilities.

Regulatory Consulting

SEA advises building owners and managers regarding their responsibilities and liabilities when asbestos is present on their properties, and how to remediate the problem to satisfy regulatory requirements. We provide technical expertise, testing and inspection, hazard evaluations, and expert testimony in litigation involving asbestos.

Employee/Contractor Training

We provide training both for asbestos abatement contractors, supervisors, and workers, as well as custodial and maintenance workers at a client's facility. This training enables a facility's own workers to maintain asbestos safely through an Operation and Maintenance Plan. SEA can also provide training as project and air monitors, inspectors, management planner and project designer through our network certified training providers.


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